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Although a sofa bed is usually the common pick for a spare room, a king single is also a nice compromise, it’s in between a double and a single, it’s got the same length as a queen It’s affordable and provides better comfort for your guests!

It is actually common for parents to skip the toddler’s bed

Some parents skip the toddler’s bed and buy a king single instead. This purchase may seem excessive at first. However, a good quality mattress has a life-span over 10 years.

Perfect Size for Teenagers

A great night sleep for your teenagers could mean less grumpy mornings.
Premium quality mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. Imagine how much your child will grow in the span of 10 whole years. With potential growth spurts that your child might have, a king single is the best way to ensure that their mattress is the right size for their growing bodies (think of those cold feet during winter, and how bad this could be for their posture).


Don’t let your 14-year-old son over 6ft dangle his feet out the end of the mattress.
Consider investing in a king single instead of the single size. King single mattresses measure 107cm width and 203cm length. With an extra 15cm width and height compared to a single mattress, it providing ample room for a person of any size, even if they are tall and broad.

Most people don’t realise that a king single is the same length as a queen size mattress. The right mattress size needs 15cm extra length to the tallest person who will be sleeping in the bed.

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A mattress that promotes body contouring gives you the correct spinal alignment for a healthy and restful sleep such as innerspring coil mattresses. Innerspring coil formation increases support for the heaviest parts of the body and lower back, reducing mattress sag.


Medium Firm Mattress


Your Back Alignment With Correct Mattress

It should give you head-to-toe support and body contouring.

Your Back Alignment With Correct Mattress


Your Pillow Height and its affects

This helps to align your back and work hand in hand with your mattress.

Your Pillow Height and its affects


For better back care, your mattress should deliver positive resistance According to a study by Jeffrey N. Katz, M.D., Medium firm mattresses reported to induce less pain for people suffering from back pain. A bed that is too firm will elevate your hips and shoulders, causing your spine to sag in the lower back region. A bed that is too soft will cause your spine to sag at the hips, resulting in localised pressure on your spine and leading to disturbed sleep and back pain. At Beds R Us we provide a variety of mattress with a different of firmness level such as our Swisstek range.

There are also chiropractic endorsed mattresses which are designed based on sound orthopaedic and ergonomic principles. Ranges such as Sleepmaker’s Miracoil mattresses are endorsed and developed in conjunction with the Sports Chiropractic Association.

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This article describes the difference between comfort and support.Read More
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Every five to seven years – manufacturers and chiropractors recommend replacing mattresses over this period. When sagging starts happening – saggy spots in a mattress result in people tensing their muscles to compensate for the uneven surface.Read More
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It is important to know the measurements of different mattress sizes so that you can find the right size that will fit your room or bed.Read More
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