The role of the right mattress

 Helps you fall asleep more quickly
 Reduce tossing and turning
 Personal preference

How to diagnose Comfort issues
 Waking up feeling tired
 Needing a nap during the day
 Tossing and turning
 Taking a long time to fall asleep
 Waking up through the night
 Waking up too early
 Tingling sesations

 To maintain proper spinal alignment so your muscles can relax and be restored.
 2 roles of supportive sleep surface
 Contour to your body
 Positive Resistance (not too soft or too hard)

How to diagnose Support issues
 Back Pain not back problem (Goes away during the day)
 Sore/stiff
 Waking through the night
 Moving to relieve pain/soreness
 Waking too early
 Waking sore but went to bed pain free
Couch = great comfort with little to no support. Asleep quickly but wake up sore
Bare Spring unit = great support but little to no comfort