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We stock 2 of the best manufacturers of quality beds Sleepyhead and Sleepmaker! That provide the best in comfort, durability and support.

There are three basic elements of a mattress:  


Each of these features work together to provide customised comfort and different levels of firmness. There all come in a range of mattress sizes listed below.

Quilted Top

The quilted top layer provides the first layer of supportive and is important  Most mattresses now have breathable fabric eliminating body hot spots. The Swisstek range features Silverline thread to help reduce aches and pains improving your circulation.

Comfort Layers

Beds have multiple layers providing different levels of comfort from firm to ultra plush. 

  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Plush
  • Ultra Plush
There are also different types of foam including  
  • Graphene -  Carbon particles combined with memory foam conducts and assists to move heat away from the body.
  • Latex Gold - Naturally Superior hypo-allergenic, dust free and non-toxic plush latex comfort layer.
  • Dream Foam - Eco-friendly dreamfoam made with you and the environment in mind.
  • Fusion Gel - Helps dissipate heat and assists in providing pressure point relief.


Springs Systems

There are numerous spring systems available some of the premium models such as Cocoon using individual heat tempered springs, which greatly reduce partner disturbance and eliminates roll together. The bodyprint spring system is the most popular today.

  • Pocket / Bodyprint
  • Bonnell
  • Luraflex
  • Verticoil
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Mattress Sizes

Depending on your bedroom size, it is always worth looking at whether you can upgrade your bed size when you are upgrading your mattress to ensure you have enough space to sleep comfortably. If there's two in the bed you also need space to sleep undisturbed, so make sure you have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

  • Single (92cm x 188cm)  
  • Long Single (92cm x 203cm)
  • King Single (107cm x 203cm)
  • Double (137cm x 188cm)
  • Queen (153cm x 203cm)
  • King (183cm x 203cm)
  • Super King (203cm x 203cm) 


Bed Guide

* Availability and pricing may vary from store to store please contact your local store for more information.




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